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How to determine the Omega-3 Index?

Correctly, and validly, the HS-Omega-3 Index assesses an individuals content in the two omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acid, the healthy fatty acids from the sea. The level of the HS-Omega-3 Index varies from person to person, and depends not only on the diet, but also on genes, body mass, and other factors. The HS-Omega-3 Index needs to be measured in red blood cells. Red blood cells are obtained, whenever blood is drawn, which your physician can send to us by post. We then start an elaborate analysis.

The HS-Omega-3 Index must be measured in red blood cells in the way defined by Harris and von Schacky. Other measurements, using Serum or other methods, are worthless. A patent application for the method is pending. Omegametrix is the only laboratory conducting fatty acid analyses according to the quality management system DIN ISO 15189. The HS-Omega-3 Index uses EDTA-blood sent to us. Shipping kits can be obtained here.

The result is presented in graphic form, together with individual advice on consequences.